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Sheridan Kaserne

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The Mueller Fitness Center provides personnel and equipment for the physical training, conditioning, and recreation for military personnel, authorized civilians, and their Family members.

We're offering Indoor Cycling, Zumba and Yoga Classes. For a complete listing of Fitness Classes offered, check out our Monthly Fitness Calendar.


  • Exercise/aerobics area
  • Weight-training rooms
  • Racquetball court
  • Volleyball court
  • Gymnasium
  • Sauna
  • Fitness assessments
  • Massage treatments
  • Personal training programs
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are acceptable forms of ID for access to the fitness centers?
DoD CAC and family member ID cards, installation pass, Passport and other official forms of ID.

2. Who is eligible to use the fitness centers?
Active Duty & Family Members, Military Retired, Ready Reserve, DoD Civilians and Family Members APF and NAF.

3. What is the youth age policy for the physical fitness centers?
Ages 16 and above can utilize the Fitness Center unaccompanied, ages 12 to 15 must be under direct supervision at all times by parent or legal guardian, and 11 years and younger may only use the main and racquetball courts and must be under direct supervision at all times by parent or legal guardian .

4. Are strollers or baby carriages allowed in the fitness area?

5. Do the physical fitness centers have a dress code?
Yes, signs are posted.

6. Are there personal trainers available by request?
We have a Fitness Specialist that can conduct a fitness assessment, recommend fitness programs and provide proper use of fitness equipment.

7. Can I request specific music to be played?
No, the radio is played to ensure all types of music is played.

8. What is the age requirement for the Parent Tot areas?
The Mueller Fitness Center does not have a Parent Tot areas.

9. Can visitors use the fitness centers?
Yes, as long as they are signed in by an authorized patrons, two guest can be signed into the facility.

10. How much are the fitness center classes?
Currently, all fitness classes are at no cost.

11. Are there spa & wellness services available?
The Mueller Sports and Fitness Center offers massage therapy and beauty treatments.

12. What are the prices of spa & wellness services?
Massages range from $30 to $95, beauty treatments range from $8 to $35.