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Mueller Fitness Center

The Mueller Fitness Center provides personnel and equipment for the physical training, conditioning, and recreation for military personnel, authorized civilians, and their Family members.

Please see required waiver form below for 24/7 access:

Highlights of the Mueller Fitness Center include: 

  • Exercise/aerobics area
  • Weight-training rooms
  • Racquetball court
  • Volleyball court
  • Gymnasium
  • Sauna
  • Fitness assessments
  • Personal training programs

Click here for the June Fitness Class Schedule. 


Reiki - Energy Balancing

Receiving Reiki is a relaxing experience. It helps to release stress and anxiety while bringing stability and balance to body and mind. Reiki helps to balance the energy centers of the body (the chakras) and facilitates a healthy flow of energy throughout the body. 

During the Reiki session, you will lie comfortably and fully clothed on the massage table. The practitioner’s hands will be placed a few inches above your body as they channel Reiki to you, moving from your head to your feet. During the session, relaxing music will be played and there is the option to incorporate essential oils, if you wish.

It is recommended to refrain from alcohol on the day of your session and to avoid eating a heavy meal during the 2-3 hours before your session.  You should dress in loose, comfortable clothing and remove any jewelry, watches or fitness trackers before your session.

Sessions available: Thursdays 5:45-6:45 p.m.
To schedule a session, book day prior. 
Open to U.S. ID card holders 18+ only

First session $45 60 minutes
Regular session $60 60 minutes
Extended session $90   90 minutes
Fitness Programs

Personal Trainer, Fitness Boot Camp and Fitness Classes
I started my healthy lifestyle and personal fitness journey seven years ago. After completing my Personal Trainer certification, I continued my education to become a Sports Nutritionist and a Youth Health Specialist. After seeing the excellent results this new healthier lifestyle had on my close friends and family members, I knew I wanted to make this a lifelong commitment. I have been instructing in person and online personal training/coaching for five years. Helping people transform and become a healthier, and more confident, person is what I am most passionate about.

Fitness Boot Camp $125 
This five week course is designed to improve strength and endurance. Featuring two classes per week, each class will challenge you and keep your body engaged to achieve the best results. If you are looking to boost weight loss, increase your strength and endurance, or enjoy working out in a group setting for that extra support and comradery, this is the class for you!  Each class will offer a morning and lunch session to help you fit it into your schedule. Every fitness level is welcome!

Personal Training $40 per session or two customers together $65 per session
One hour session that motivates clients to set goals, provide meaningful feedback and be a reliable source for accountability. Sessions provide education on other aspects of wellness, including general health and nutrition guidelines. This helps clients to reach their fitness goals. 


Yoga Instructor, Circuit Training, Full Body Blast and Personal Trainer
After leaving the sport of gymnastics, I needed a new outlet for movement, stress relief and challenge - enter yoga and group fitness. I have been practicing yoga for nearly a decade and have been teaching for three years. Once I discovered how expansive and unique yoga was, I knew that I wanted to teach and share its many benefits with as many folks as possible. I love other styles of exercise and group fitness, too! I believe that variety is the spice of life. I am a certified Personal Trainer and have my 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Certificate in Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, along with a variety of continuing education credits and interest in accessible yoga, nutrition and whole-person wellness.

Vinyasa Yoga $6 per class
This class will focus on your body, mind and breath and is perfect for those that enjoy a variety of postures and a more creative flow. As you match your movements to your breathing the class will begin with a warm up of the body and a settling of the mind, advance to more physically demanding postures and then end with some cooling stretches and a short meditation. There are modifications for all levels, so seasoned beginners to advanced are welcome! Minimal yoga experience suggested.

Chill Out Yoga $6 per class
This class is for those in need of a mid-day break to relax, release stress and softly stretch. This class is perfect for ALL levels; total beginners to seasoned practitioners will have a chance to wind down, limber up (even for the inflexible!), and escape the day for an hour through movement and breath work. Modifications will be available to increase or reduce intensity of the practice making it accessible for all people! Come join, chill-out and recuperate.

Yoga Workshop $15 per session
Yoga workshops are a great way to immerse yourself in the specific topic or theme of the workshop; workshops usually last 1.5-2 hours and can be one or multiple sessions, all around the core theme of the event. These special events offer participants a safe place to settle in, practice, learn, ask questions and have fun!

Circuit Training $6 per session 
Circuit Training is a workout class for people looking to develop strength and muscle tone, improve mobility, balance, and cardio, lose weight, gain energy, and have fun! Workouts are designed to help you develop lean and functional muscle tone and boost cardio-vascular capacity through foundational bodyweight, dumbbell, kettle bell, and dynamic exercises. Sessions will include a warm-up, a Workout of the Day (varying from class to class; includes multiple exercises, movements, and challenges that target specific regions of the body; utilizes circuit training and timed stations structure), and a cool-down. All levels are welcome. Join us to reduce stress, gain energy, and connect with motivated folks!

Full Body Blast (45 min) $6 per class
This HIIT style class will challenge your heart and your muscles! Interval style training is a time-efficient style of workout that has been proven to improve cardiovascular endurance, burn more calories than traditional cardio workouts and is a fresh and fun way to improve physical and mental health. Due to the unique format of this class, all levels of participants can exercise together; there are modifications available and total beginners to advanced are welcome!

Personal Training $50 per session, $225 five sessions, $450 ten sessions
One hour session that motivate clients by collaborating to set goals, providing meaningful feedback and by being a reliable source for accountability. Provide education on other aspects of wellness, including general health and nutrition guidelines. Helping clients to reach their fitness goals. Talk to trainer for more information on her session.


Yoga Instructor and Reiki Practitioner
I began my yoga journey more than 15 years when I learned the impact that yoga can have on both physical and mental health. This experience motivated me to want to teach and share the benefits of yoga with others.  I have practiced various styles of yoga in the years since, and chose to pursue a teacher training in Vinyasa Yoga.  I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with a certificate in Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga.  My classes focus on uniting breath with movement and cultivating the mind-body connection.  In addition to the Asana (the physical postures), some sessions may incorporate breath exercises and/or guided meditations to give you the full mind-body benefits of yoga.

Yoga $6 per class or book of 10 tickets for $50
This class emphasizes uniting breath with movement as participants flow through the postures. Classes vary from active, vigorous practices to more relaxing slow flow sessions. Alternating each week helps achieve unity and balance of body and mind. Modifications are available for all levels, from beginner to advance. 

Yoga Workshops $11-15 per workshop
Workshops are longer sessions lasting one and half to two hours and focus on a specific topic or theme. This provides an opportunity to go deeper into your yoga and/or meditation practice. During the workshop you will have plenty of time to practice specific elements of yoga and ask questions. Workshops are a great opportunity for all yogis from beginner to advanced! 

Private Yoga Session $45 for one person or $65 for two people
Whether you are a complete beginner wanting to learn the basics before attending a group class or a more experienced yogi wanting to work on your first arm balance, these sessions are tailored to your needs. Private yoga sessions go beyond physical postures and include breath exercises and/or guided meditations. Stressed out and needing to relax? A private class with relaxing slow flow and guided Yoga Nidra meditation may be just what you need!  Prices are for a one hour session.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are acceptable forms of ID for access to the fitness centers?
DoD CAC and family member ID cards, installation pass, Passport and other official forms of ID.

2. Who is eligible to use the fitness centers?
Active Duty & Family Members, Military Retired, Ready Reserve, DoD Civilians and Family Members APF and NAF.

3. What is the youth age policy for the physical fitness centers?
Ages 16 and above can utilize the Fitness Center unaccompanied.

4. Are strollers or baby carriages allowed in the fitness area?

5. Do the physical fitness centers have a dress code?
Yes, signs are posted.

6. Are there personal trainers available by request?
We have a Fitness Specialist that can conduct a fitness assessment, recommend fitness programs and provide proper use of fitness equipment.

7. Can I request specific music to be played?
No, the radio is played to ensure all types of music is played.

8. What is the age requirement for the Parent Tot areas?
The Mueller Fitness Center does not have a Parent/Tot area.

9. Can visitors use the fitness centers?
Yes, visitors may be signed in by authorized users.

10. How much are the fitness center classes?
See Fitness Programs tab above.

11. Are there spa & wellness services available?
Not at this time, we are looking for massages therapists. Please contact the Fitness Center if you are interested. 



  • Mueller Fitness Center
  • The Mueller Fitness Center will be closed for annual deep cleaning (includes 24/7 operations) Friday, June 16 at 7 p.m. and will reopen Tuesday, June 20 at 6:30 a.m. Standard staffed hours: Monday - Thursday: 6:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Friday: 9:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. 24 hour access all other times for registered ID card holders 18+.
  • Military DSN (314) 521-2747
  • Hours:
    Open 24 Hours.

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